Park Landscapes 




Love Trilogy:

There are three scenes from the south entrance of the Park—Friendship Valley, Yuanyang Lake and Declaration Square.


Friendship Valley

Friendship Valley is located in the south entrance of the Park and near Jiyuan Tower. It is a valley with luxuriant vegetation, sidewalk and leisure pavilion. Guests can walk on forest roads,enjoy the forest scenes or rest in the leisure pavilion to breathe some fresh air from the nature. At that time, just relax and enjoy the nature.

Valley of Love

There are some arbor plants in this valley, such as Magnolia, Ficus Benjamina, Ficus microcarpa, Alpine Rhododendron and so on. Also have some archaize building, such as pergola and pavilion for rest. All this architectural style comes from Lingnan Garden’s style. Couples can enjoy the romantic air in here.




Yuanyang Lake

Yuanyang Lake is near the Declaration Square which its name graved in a large stone and stand on the lakeside. There are lots of trees around this lake, guests can find pebbles road, wedding well, fishing platform and arch bridge on the lakeside. In the middle of this lake, it is a fancy fountain that is full of Chinese nostalgic romantic feelings. Especially at night, there is a romantic place for couples to feel the moonlight and scenery of lake.




Declaration Square

This square is located in the middle of Yuanyang Lake. It is face to the mountain and covers an area of about 0.05 km2. It is a square which has entertainment, gathering, leisure and included declaration stone, Totem pole, large-scale outdoor stage, ancient path, gardening and so on. The outdoor stage is European architectural style and there is a declaration stone stand in the square which means couples decelerates their love in here. In other words, Forest Park decelerates the ecology and development. 




East Gate Square

East gate square is situated on the east entrance of Forest Park that is designed by a German designer with the Park environment and combines with the nature. The Guest service center is in the middle of this square, it provides travel information of Forest Park, perambulator, walking stick and umbrella.


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