Sanshui Forest Park, as the jade and the pearl in Pearl River Delta, it is a rare place for travel, leisure, entertainment and vacation. It covers an area of 2.24 km2. Due to the beautiful environment, greenest hills, 70% forest coverage area and 25% water surface area; it seems like a rare jade in the Pearl River Delta.  


Sanshui Forest Park Greenway is one the 1st line (Xi’an Shanhai Greenway) in Pearl River Delta area, total length is about 12.8 kilometers. There is free for rent the bicycle in Declaration Square from 2010 on. The guests just needed to pay deposit and register the passport number, and then guests can use bicycle to travel each attractions on Greenway in the Forest Park, such as Confucius’ Park and Crocodile Lake.


· Crocodile Lake
· Greenway
· Friendship Valley
· Valley of Love
· Yuanyang Lake
· Declaration Square
· East Gate Square
· Park Landscapes
· Confucius’ Park