River Food:

Introduction: Sanshui is located in the Foshan City, the scenic confluence of Xijiang River, Beijiang River and Suijiang River. Due to the nature ecological and great quality water that river food as one of specialty in Sanshui. The aquatic product resources are bountiful and variety in these three rivers. According to the statistics, there is more than hundred river foods in Sanshui and it can supply for long-term.



Sanshui Black Winter melon:

Sanshui Black Winter melon looks in dark green and sweet when eaten. It is very famous specialty in Guangdong that named as Ecology winter melon and longevity winter melon.

There has a competition named ‘the king of winter melon’ to be held every year in Sanshui. The result of this competition is to find out the largest winter melon. At that time, also has a competition for winter melon cuisine. 



Leping Muskmelon:

Leping muskmelon has a long history and becomes a well-known specialty in Sanshui. It produces from the pollution-free production base and it is well received by consumers.


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