· Confucian Culture Exhibition Hall

Info: Exhibition hall is situated in Confucians’ Park. Mainly manages the Confucian cultural features that including the bamboo gift of the Confucian Analects and Three character scripture, also provides national Hanfu to rent that including Bridal, song fringing and child Hanfu. Guests can take a photo by wear on these Hanfu in scenic spot.  





· Sanshui Plaza

  Info: It is the first urban complex in Sanshui that included shopping, entertainment, office and hotel. 




·Sanshui Henfu Plaza

  Info: It is located in the east of Wenfeng Road which is the most valuable and historical business circle, and is a large-scale shopping center with leisure, restaurant and entertainment. 

Local restaurants
There are A lot of hotels in Sanshui, foshan city…
Confucius' Park
Crocodile Lake
Declaration Square
Confucian Culture
Sanshui Plaza
Sanshui Henfu Plaza
Automobile Race Association
Confucius' Park "time trip"